Totalt antall sidevisninger

Christmas is right around the corner! :-)

I have a confession to make - I have started listening to Cristmas carols already!! :-) Is it to early?? I found a cd by Celtic Woman that is absolutely beautiful, so now I listen to it at work, in the car and at home! In addition, it's snowing outside right now so the Christmas feeling is absolutely there! I have not started decorating yet, but that is infact also a coupel of weeks away! :-) I'm looking forward to waking up (early as usual) during Christmas and get down in the living room with the lights in the windows and press the button on the gas fireplace! That must be the perfect start on a day - and if we could please have some snow as well at that time, it would be great!!

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Runa sa...

Så god du er i engelsk! :) Litt for tidlig med jul for min del.